Blassportgruppe (DE)








Blassportgruppe – schwarz auf weiss 
From the grandstand resounds constant cheering, from the playing field Hendrix, Grönemeyer, Hildegard Knef and AC/DC. Miles Davis is sitting next to Katy Perry and Bruno Mars on the coaching bench. The choreography is by Jacob Sisters, sporting equipment by Ernst Mosch. What might be played here? Nothing less than a premier league gig by Blassportgruppe! And that means: brass music. But without polka, Flori Silbereisen, or playback. This team plays no marching music, even if the boys sometimes like to work their audiences by foot. Their tools are brass, not heavy metal. Their attitude is rock. Their range is limitless. Their sound is glorious. And their show is 97% PG. No silo is deep enough to squeeze these guys into: BSG is a funk band that is unbothered by a power cut, a pop group despite first class musical rank, a well-mannered punk paradox, an all male choir in wolf’s clothing, a jazz band that draws an audience. Mind you, they are all of the above, in quick succession. With all of them having emerged from Germany’s jazz talent incubators, BSG impress not only with a show worthy of the Moulin Rouge, but also with the kind of musical virtuosity that rarely comes in tracksuit bottoms. Along with their own songs, they play cover versions that upstage the original and win over the most doubtful heart. Not only because the lyrics are suddenly in German and their instrumentation varies, but because lullabies let us dream and dance, ballads acquire genuine emotion, and rock songs remain just that.

Editors’ Notes
The name „Blassportgruppe“ is a german pun meaning „brass-sports-group“. The band was formed 2005. All members are studied freelance jazz & pop musicians (Manhattan School of Music, Musikhochschule Köln, Mannheim, Essen). The band started off, performing as a streetmusic act before doing their first concertshows 2 years later. There is no connection to „traditional german/bavarian/austrian brassmusic“ at all. It rather is a mixture of a jazz/pop/funk-influenced music, performed in a very virtuoso manner, mixed with german and english lyrics and a special kind of stage performance. Blassportgruppe is a brassband, not a big band and plays no oldtime-swing-music J

Patrick Kukwa – Gesang
Christoph Moschberger – Trompete
Alex Hartmann – Trompete
Felix Fromm – Posaune
Johannes Goltz – Posaune
Axel Müller – Tenorsaxophon
Sven Pudil – Barisaxophon
Jochen Welsch – Sousaphon
Christian Huber – Snaredrum/Percussions
Hering Cerin -Bassdrum