Minga3 (COL)


“MINGA3″ The music project with international flair.


The 3 Colombian musicians -Carlos Segura from Cali, Big Sergio from Bogotá, and Donald Manuel from the San Andrés Islands – have come together to form what its known as “MINGA3”. The results of putting together their rich Colombian musical experience, meaning, being members of countless music groups in Colombia like La Charanguita of Luis Carlos, Mombassa, La Poderosa, Martina la Peligrosa, Dragon y Caballero just to name a few, had let them create the sound they call today “Minga sound”. Internationally,mostly in Europe, they have also been very active having played with bands like La Pandilla, Jamaram, Latin Macumba, Chianti Protokoll, 2dnm and Tito Puente Jr. for example.

In 2014 they joined forces together with various other musicians to form the music project “MINGA3”,bringing together the best of Colombian music. Their focus is on music from their hometowns with folklore flair. “MINGA3″ lyrics underline the positive aspects of their country singing about their wonders and the adoration not only of the colombian women but the women worldwide. Under the artistic leadership of musician- Producer Donald Manuel, “MINGA3” is the perfect mix of ethnic and electronic rhythm. All this combined with syncopated melodies and the charismatic energy of the singers,Carlos Segura and Big Sergio, transport the listener into the magical Afro-Colombian world. Urban rhythms, such as the Salsa Choke, the Champeta, the Kizomba and HipHop are also part of the repertoire of this Colombian band, which has now made Münich its home.

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